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Job Prospectus
With a study showing that the requirement number of physiotherapists is one for every 10,000 persons, job opportunities is a simple calculation, given the population of India. In western countries too, there is a great demand for physiotherapists.
Opportunities exist in rehabilitation departments of government and private hospitals, medical rehabilitation centers, health institutions and defence medical centers. With the demand for physiotherapists increasing every day, one may also opt for private practice.
The difference in monetary returns for employed professionals and private practitioners is phenomenal. The difference also is that one needs to make a lot of investment in terms of space, some basic equipment and so on. The real satisfaction or returns lie in participating and helping a fellow human being. Teaching is yet another option open to those who have specialised in physiotherapy.

Vacanciesin abroad
A recent survey published in one of the American magazines shows that United States of America alone needs more then 44,000 physiotherapists. The same survey also recalls that amongst the most sought after professionals physiotherapist stands third. In Europe and gulf countries also there are thousands of vacancies in the field of physiotherapy. 

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