Bachelor Of Physiotherapy(BPT)

Master Of Physiotherapy(MPT)

Physiotherapy is a professional health care discipline aimed at prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction in people. It aids in enhancing kinetic potential, in able-bodied as well as disabled persons. It provides preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitative services to help people function normally after an injury or disease. Physiotherapy is a non-intrusive and highly cost-effective option for staying fit.During their academic stay at NIMS, they plan and implement Physiotherapy programmes using specialised knowledge and skills for the prevention and treatment of movement dysfunction and participate in professional activities such as research, teaching, administration and consultation. Physiotherapists have sound knowledge of disease, injury, healing process and the ability to distinguish what is normal from abnormal in posture, balance and movement.

Physiotherapy as a rehabilitative science has been built upon the premise of health promotion and disease prevention, and plays an important role in modern day health care.
Physiotherapists work closely with occupational therapists, speech pathologists, nurses, social workers, respiratory units, physicians and others.
Physiotherapists treat a wide variety of ailments including back pain, neck pain, posture problems, joint or muscle pain, arthritis, breathing problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.
A separate division called sports physiotherapy has evolved to treat and prevent sports injuries.

Physiotherapists use skilled “hands on treatments” such as massage, acupuncture, and manipulation. They use lasers, ultrasound magnetic fields, electrical currents and heat & ice to relieve pain and assist recovery. The individually planned exercise programmes, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy and biofeedback have brought great relief to ailing patients.

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