The changing concept of health care system has given birth to varieties of educational branches in medical field. The most important branch next to degree course of medical education is nursing education.This BSc. nursing is a four years graduate and MSc.Nursing is a two years post graduate study programme with major emphasis on clinical and practical training in the medical and nursing education where the students are exposed to the best hospitals, technologies etc., for getting high end clinical exposure. The subject matter of the study of these programmes broadly includes Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Micro Biology, Pharmacology, Sociology, Basic Principles and Practice of Nursing, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Gynecological Nursing, Midwifery

(including Maternity), Child Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Introduction to Computers, and Nursing research and Statistics and Management in Nursing education. Moreover Nursing Education deals with Social Health, Mass Health and Instutional Health Care and Preventive aspects also.

NIMS college of Nursing, Bhubaneswar, has taken care to impart knowledge with practical exposure to its students through its dedicated group of faculties and staff. The future prospect of Nursing education in the field of health care system is in demand all over the world. Since it is life related and life caring education system, it will have increasing demand and lot of specialized branches. The students of this science today are the important professionals of tomorrow.

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