Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) 
During the First World War women were recruited to work with and restore physical function to injured soldiers, and the field of physical therapy was institutionalized. In 1918 the term “Reconstruction Aide” was used to refer to individuals practicing physical therapy. The first school of physical therapy was established at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., following the outbreak of World War I.] Research catalyzed the physical therapy movement. 
“Physiotherapy” is a preventive and remedial procedure that is very often used as a supplement with oral medicines. Besides, physiotherapy helps in optimal functioning of the body. It is therefore specially recommended for the physically challenged, sportspersons, persons with degenerative disorders and those afflicted with arthritis, spondylosis, neurological dysfunctions and so on.
“Physiotherapy or physical therapy” is basically a form of treatment using physical exercises. Physiotherapy could also include heat radiation, water therapy, massages, diathermy, traction and other procedures. It is a science that seeks to alleviate movement disorder.
“Physiotherapy” being a part of a system of Modern Medicine and widely known as safe alternate to “drugless Therapy”, and this noble system of Medicine (Physiotherapy). As per the WHO definition Physiotherapists are classified as“Health Professionals”.
Educational Eligibility – passed 10+2 Sc. or equivalent from any recognized board, University or council with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
4 years and 6 month internship

Students will find clinical training an invaluable supplement to the theoretical sessions. At present, the college gives its students training through: 

  • SCB Medical College & Hospital Cuttack
  • Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar
  • Sum Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  • AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  • Annapurna Memorial Hospital, Bhubaneswar

Internal Assessment
Examinations comprise written, oral and practical tests. Written assignments (research based) will be introduced from the 3rd year onwards. 
University Examination
The Utkal University, Vanivihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha is the sole authority to conduct the University Examinations. After the completion of the course the Utkal University awards a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. 

INTERNSHIP The students after passing the final year examinations must undergo six months (Not less than 180 days) of Compulsory Rotatory Internship training programme under the.. 
Following departments to complete the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. 

  • Orthopedics& Sports – 1 month
  • Medicine &Neurology – 1 month
  • Cardio Respiratory – 1 month
  • Obstetrics &Gynecology – 15 days
  • Pediatrics – 15 days
  • Surgery- 15 days
  • Leprosy – 1 week
  • Plastic & Reconstructive surgery – 1 week


  • Can Work In Hospital: Once qualified, a physiotherapist can work in a general hospital of multi-specialty hospital or in rehabilitation centers for the locomotor impairments (Orthopaedic and neurological) or in the community. He/she can educate and train people from all walks of life about back care and fitness exercises. He may also provide service to maternity patients by way of antenatal classes, post natal exercises and posture training.
  • Private Practice: Opting for private practice and by setting up private clinics, a physiotherapist may treat a wide range of patients suffering from musculoskeletal and other problems like pain, stiffness, reduced range of joint motions, paralysis and /or weakness of muscles etc.
  • Corporate Sector and Industries: Due to globalization, there is growing demand for physiotherapists in our Country to work in large corporate sectors and industries which operate health care delivery centre for their employees. Physiotherapists can have ‘on-the-spot-study’ of workers at work places and provide ergonomic advice to them to avoid physical pain associated with particular type of work
  • Teaching Profession: Some may like to acquire post – graduate qualification and work as a faculty in a college of physiotherapy and teach and train young students in the art and science of Physiotherapy.

Job Prospectus
With a study showing that the requirement number of physiotherapists is one for every 10,000 persons, job opportunities is a simple calculation, given the population of India. In western countries too, there is a great demand for physiotherapists.
Opportunities exist in rehabilitation departments of government and private hospitals, medical rehabilitation centers, health institutions and defence medical centers. With the demand for physiotherapists increasing every day, one may also opt for private practice.
The difference in monetary returns for employed professionals and private practitioners is phenomenal. The difference also is that one needs to make a lot of investment in terms of space, some basic equipment and so on. The real satisfaction or returns lie in participating and helping a fellow human being. Teaching is yet another option open to those who have specialised in physiotherapy.

Vacanciesin abroad
A recent survey published in one of the American magazines shows that United States of America alone needs more then 44,000 physiotherapists. The same survey also recalls that amongst the most sought after professionals physiotherapist stands third. In Europe and gulf countries also there are thousands of vacancies in the field of physiotherapy. 

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